Ceiling Medallions by the Renovator's Supply
Ceiling Medallions - Ceiling Medallions by the Renovator's Supply
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More durable & more affordable than plaster or wood! Measures 13 3/8 H x 13 3/8 W inch
  • Resistant to warping
  • cracking & peeling
  • Impervious to water & insect damage
  • Comes factory primed & ready for a finish coat
  • Cast from steel molds for maximum durability &
  • Reliable pattern consistency from piece to piece
  • Sharp design clarity even after painting
  • Easy installation with NO special skills required

Ceiling Medallions: Made of virtually indestructible high-density urethaneRenovator's Supply's medallions are cast from steel molds making them the highest quality on the market. Steel molds provide a higher quality result for pattern consistency, design clarity & overall strength & durability. Lightweight they are easily installed with no special skills. Unlike plaster or wood urethane is resistant to cracking, warping or peeling. Factory-primed these medallions are ready for finishing.

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